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Many of you ask us about manufacturing times, sample requests, delivery and many other subjects. Today, we answer your questions!

How is the sample request?

If you have any doubts about the desired color for your lampshade, it is possible to request samples when placing your order. Request samples, then validate and pay for your order. Our team will then send you the samples by post, and your order will be put on hold pending color validation. To validate the correct color, simply call 03 66 72 90 60 or send an email to contact@abat-jours.com.

Please note: it is not necessary to place a new order to validate your colors, simply contact us again. Otherwise you will be billed twice unnecessarily.

What are the delivery times ?

After validation of your order, you will need on average 10 working days of manufacturing the lampshade before it is entrusted to the delivery services (within 2 to 3 days).

Our company produces tailor-made, by hand and on demand each of your orders. Our manufacturing times are therefore longer than the big brands, but to offer you a unique and local product!

What is a returnee?

The recess is the part of the metal structure which goes up inside the lampshade to support the bulb.

On classic structures, this recess measures 4cm in height, so be careful to take it into account in your measurements, especially for a small lampshade, at the risk of seeing the bulb protruding from the lampshade otherwise.

If you need a smaller or larger fit, it is entirely possible. You just need to specify it in a comment when ordering so that we can send you a quote for the specific return.

Where to measure the recess of the lampshade?

For a standard drop-in, measure the straight height between the bottom of the shade and the mounting washer

For a specific drop-in, measure the straight height between the top of the shade and the mounting washer

What is a diffuser?

On a pendant light, a diffuser is a piece of fabric placed below the bulb to provide less dazzling light to the ceiling light. It is available as an option for each suspension offered on our site.

What is the difference between E14 and E27 bulb

It all depends on the size of the base: E14 bulbs have a base of 14mm, and E27 has a base of 27mm. Don't forget to check your bulb base before ordering your lampshade!

If you need to find these answers quickly, this FAQ is now permanently available

in the quick links at the bottom of the page. 

Do you have any other questions that we haven't answered? Contact us to ask us!

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