Choosing the right lampshade colors

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When looking to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere in your home, don't neglect the impact of lampshade colors on each of your rooms. Lampshades are not only sources of light, but also decorative elements that can transform your space. In this article, we'll give you tips and tricks for choosing the perfect lampshade colors for each room in your home, based on the ambiance you want to create.

1. The White

Ambiance: White evokes purity, simplicity and clarity. It creates a clean, bright and minimalist space, perfect for those looking for a calming ambiance.

Perfect room: The living room, bathroom or children's bedroom are the ideal places for white lampshades. This color adds a touch of freshness and lightness.

Combinations: White goes well with almost any color, but it looks especially elegant with pastel tones like light blue, pale pink or soft gray.

Avoid: Too similar tones of white can give the impression of monotony. Avoid using white lampshades in a room where the walls and furniture are also white, unless you want a completely minimalist aesthetic.

Chambre de bébé blanc

2. Orange

Atmosphere: Orange brings warmth, energy and welcome. It is perfect for creating a friendly and dynamic atmosphere.

Perfect Room: The living room is the perfect place for orange lampshades. This stimulating color adds a dynamic touch to this room.

Combinations: Orange can be combined with complementary colors like blue, turquoise or white.

Avoid: Avoid combining orange with colors that create an unpleasant contrast, such as purple or navy blue. These combinations can be visually aggressive.

Salon orange

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3. The Blue

Atmosphere: Blue evokes serenity, calm and relaxation. It is ideal for creating a calming atmosphere.

Perfect room: The bedroom becomes a haven of peace with touches of blue. This color promotes restful sleep.

Combinations: Blue goes well with neutral shades like white, beige, gray or brown.

Avoid: Avoid mixing blue with colors that create a jarring effect, such as bright red. These combinations can be too contrasting and energetic for a calming ambiance.

Chambre bleu

Crédit photo : Pinterest / La Redoute

4. The Brown

Ambiance: Brown evokes comfort, stability and nature. It creates a warm atmosphere, perfect for relaxation.

Perfect room: The living room or office is transformed into comfortable spaces with touches of brown. This color adds a comforting ambiance.

Combinations: Brown can be combined with beige, off-white or earthy colors for a warm ambiance.

Avoid: Avoid pairing brown with shades of green, as this can overly evoke nature and may not suit all spaces.

Bureau marron

Crédit photo : Vectosck

5. Yellow

Mood: Yellow inspires joy, optimism and light. It is ideal for creating a bright and cheerful atmosphere.

Perfect room: The kitchen comes alive with touches of yellow. This color adds good mood to the culinary space.

Combinations: Yellow goes well with white, light gray, light blue or green.

Avoid: Avoid combining yellow with colors that can make the room too garish, such as bright red. These combinations can create a hectic atmosphere.

Cuisine jaune

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6. The Green

Ambiance: Green evokes freshness, balance and nature. It creates an invigorating and harmonious atmosphere, perfect for bringing a touch of nature inside your home.

Perfect Room: Green lampshades are perfect for a living room, office or conservatory. Green brings a feeling of calm and balance, making it an ideal choice for spaces where you want to rest.

Combinations: Green pairs well with neutral tones like white, beige and gray to create a serene ambiance. You can also combine it with shades of brown, natural wood or other nature-inspired colors to strengthen the connection with the outdoors. Using indoor plants in these spaces will perfectly complement the natural and refreshing atmosphere.

What to avoid: There are generally no colors to specifically avoid with green. However, make sure not to overcrowd the room by using too many different shades of green, which could create an atmosphere that is too monotonous. Also avoid combining green with complementary colors, such as red, unless you are looking for a marked contrast.

Salon vert

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7. The Black

Ambiance: Black creates an elegant, sophisticated and, sometimes, intense ambiance. It is suitable for formal spaces and contemporary interiors.

Perfect room: The living room or dining room is enriched with elegance thanks to black. This color adds a touch of intensity to the living space.

Combinations: Black can be highlighted with white, gray, silver or bright colors to create a striking contrast. These combinations add a chic and refined ambiance.

Don't: Avoid using too much black in a room, as it can make it feel dark and stuffy. Use it sensibly and avoid combining it with too bright colors.

Salle à manger noir

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8. The Red

Mood: Red evokes passion, emotion and warmth. It is ideal for creating a romantic and passionate atmosphere.

Perfect room: The bedroom becomes an intimate place with touches of red. This color creates a warm atmosphere.

Combinations: Red goes well with neutral colors like white, black, gray or beige. These combinations add a touch of privacy to your bedroom.

Avoid: Avoid using red with colors that can make it visually aggressive, such as intense black. These combinations can be too dramatic.

Chambre rouge

Crédit photo : Pinterest / Aluminor

9. Beige

Ambiance: Beige evokes softness, neutrality and serenity. It is ideal for creating a space for relaxation and well-being.

Perfect room: The bedroom is transformed into a soothing cocoon with touches of beige. This color creates a calming atmosphere, perfect for relaxing and recharging.

Combinations: Beige coordinates easily with neutral and soft shades like white, gray, brown or pale green.

Avoid: Avoid pairing beige with overly similar tones of white, as this can give the impression of blandness. Instead, create contrast with richer colors to add depth to the mood.

Chambre beige

Crédit photo : Alexandercho

Choosing lampshade colors is a crucial decision in creating the ideal ambiance in every room in your home. Each color evokes different emotions, and it is essential to combine them carefully to achieve the desired result. Avoid incompatible combinations and keep in mind that visual balance is the key to a harmonious interior. Ultimately, personalize your space with lampshades that reflect your style and create an atmosphere that's uniquely yours. Your home is a place where you can express yourself, so take advantage of this freedom to create an environment that inspires you every day.


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