Difference between E14 and E27 bulbs, color palette, power: you can now see it!

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Difference between E14 and E27 bulbs, color palette, power: you can now see it!

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Difference between E14 and E27 bulbs, color palette, power: you can now see it!

Difference between E14 and E27 bulbs, colorimetry, power: we’ll enlighten you!

Power, colorimetry, base size, are you lost? We'll explain!

We have all experienced that moment of perplexity in the light bulb sections of our favorite DIY stores, looking for the perfect bulb for our new lampshade, among dozens of different models. So how to find your way there?

E14 and E27, a question of size

E14 and E27 bulbs are two types of bulbs widely used in our homes. And although these two models look very similar, they have one striking difference: the size of the base: 14 mm or 27 mm!

But that's not all: if the E27 model is often used because it provides stronger light, the E14 is preferably used for bedside lamps for example, which require softer light. Be careful, however, to choose the type of bulb suited to your needs: for the same base, the difference in consumption and lighting will be significant between a halogen and an LED, for example.

The 3 main types of bulbs

Halogen: Little sister of the incandescent bulb, the halogen bulb has no longer been sold since 2018, and has been dethroned by the much more economical LED!

The LED: An economical and long-lasting bulb, the LED has a lifespan of approximately 15,000 hours. Some can last more than 10 years! Their consumption of only 9Watts for 60Watts diffused and possible by electroluminescent technology (more information).

The “low consumption” bulb: also called “compact fluorescent”, the eco bulb has a lifespan of approximately 6000 hours. Although known for its long burn-in time, the bulb has improved in this regard, but is not suitable for outdoor or low temperature lighting.

The power of a light bulb

The power of a bulb, previously expressed in Watts, has had to adapt to the diversification of bulbs and their consumption and light intensity. This is why a new indicator is used: the number of “lumens”: a unit of luminous flux which allows us to know the quality of the light returned. For example, a 60 Watt LED will give around 800 lumens.

The colorimetry of a light bulb

The color temperature of a bulb, indicated in Kelvin, is a very important characteristic in defining the ambiance of your room. Yellow, white or blue, it is this color that will define the atmosphere of your interior.

The lower the temperature, the yellower the light. The higher the temperature, the more white to blue the color becomes.

What does this mean in Kelvin?

2700K: This light is yellow, soft, and corresponds to “warm white”. It is ideal for creating a warm atmosphere, for example in a bedroom or living room.

4200K: This light is white, with a hint of yellow, and corresponds to “light warm white” or “cold white”. This light is pleasant for everyday use

5500K. This light, white with a hint of blue, is called “daylight” and is very bright, ideal for an office or a kitchen for example.

Our advice for choosing and installing your bulb.

Check the base size you need before purchasing

Consider the ambiance you want to create in the room when choosing the type of bulb and desired temperature.

Make sure the bulb wattage does not exceed the maximum wattage of your lamp

Turn off the power before changing the bulb, otherwise you will join our dear Claude François earlier than expected

Use a stable support (stepladder) to change a light bulb at height: a bad fall happens very quickly, so you might as well take precautions.

Choose a lampshade to your liking to soothe the light from your bulb. And why not a personalized lampshade to make your room unique?

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