Inspiration: Open up your living room to the outside!

Yippee, the sun is back, and so are the beautiful gardens! One desire: to make the most of the outdoors after a long and lonely winter... So why not adopt a living room that is open to the surrounding nature? So why not adopt a living room that is open to the surrounding nature? Soothing and luminous decoration guaranteed, we inspire you with these five living rooms to be reproduced without moderation!

A natural flat on the roofs of Paris

A beautiful terrace on the roofs of Paris, we fall for this soothing and natural flat belonging to the fashion designer Martin Grant! On the terrace, a real natural treasure trove of plants and shrubs, which is an integral part of the decor thanks to the metal canopies giving an industrial style to the whole.Perfect for a breath of fresh air in the buzzing capital.

A living room opening onto a patio

We stay in the capital with this magnificent family home, designed by Guillaume Terver in a Parisian warehouse. We love this superb, uncluttered patio illuminating the living room through pretty pine windows! A great way toenjoy a pleasant view from the warmth of your sofa.


An idyllic view of the Mediterranean

We have all dreamed of a magnificent villa with a view of the Mediterranean Sea. Let yourself be carried away by the decoration of this magnificent living room of a villa in Provence. We love: the cozy sofas and the sea rush for a natural look and the breathtaking view straight out of a postcard! Enough to brighten up the room and give it a unique natural decoration.


This modern living room, decorated with touches of green, creates a remarkable trompe l'oeil effect, as if the vegetation had invaded the room! We love: this atypical decoration with touches of green and its bay windows on all sides that give the impression of being inside a summer patio.

nicolasmatheus - marie claire

The veranda revisited as a living room

When the veranda becomes a room of its own in the house! This veranda is perfectly adapted to the pure and modern decoration of the room, which is as bright as can be! We love: the glass roof stretching all the way to the roof for maximum light and the harmony of light tones for a soft and cosy look. Enough to make you want to read under the sun with a view of the natural garden!


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