Les couleurs tendance 2021

Trendy colours 2021

Our Top Trends 2021 has arrived: colours, fashionable materials... everything is there to brighten up your home!

The eventful year of 2020 is coming to an end; and we're all looking forward to 2021. Discover our top interior design trends for 2021, concocted with love. So you can spend the next few rainy days dreaming up a new look for next year...

Shades of pink and green to enhance your interior

Autumn 2020 marks the return of pinkish floral colours for a soft and romantic decoration. Green is added to this palette to give it a natural and original note. This is the perfect way to create an interior decoration worthy of the most beautiful bouquets.

Play with navy blue

Does your interior not match the colours seen above? Don't worry! Navy blue will certainly be part of the top trends of 2021. It will fit very well in modern and industrial styles, and will give character to your furniture and walls. Don't hesitate, dark blue is the new black, contemporary and elegant.

Natural elements in the heart of the house

Light wood is making a comeback in French interiors. Accompanied by indoor plants, rattan, bamboo or stone, it will give your rooms a zen and natural spirit that you will never tire of. And why not take the opportunity to use recycled materials and preserve the environment?

These trendy colours may make you want to rethink your interior design. That's why we've selected lampshades that perfectly match these colours!

Aren't you tempted by the new trendy colours? At Abat-jour, all our lampshades are customisable: a wide choice of colours, patterns and sizes is available to you! So don't hesitate to visit our website abat-jour.shop or contact us!

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