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Cleaning your lampshade: our tips

Is your personalised lampshade starting to gather dust? Don't panic, we have prepared the best tips for cleaning it gently, without damaging your fabric!

What could be worse than a dusty lampshade that is the focus of attention when it is lit? Fabric, plastic, glass, steel... find our precious advice to clean your hanging lamps, bedside lamps and floor lamps, and give them back their original brightness...

Your fabric lampshades

Your fabric lampshades are particularly prone to dust, which dulls their colour. To remedy this problem, three small everyday utensils will be very useful:

  • a soft-bristle brush, which will gently remove dust from the lampshade

  • the hoover: anally of fabric lampshades, the hoover must imperatively be equipped with a brush tip so as not to damage your suspension. Practical and efficient, no dust can resist it!

  • The hair dryer! Yes, this practical everyday tool is also useful for cleaning, who would have thought it! To do this, don't forget to put your hair dryer on coldmode , so as not to damage the fabric. All the dust will be gone without any effort! This trick works perfectly for paper and cardboard lampshades too.

Did you know: To remove a stain from a fabric lampshade, there is nothing like marseille soap. After removing the lampshade from its base, its bulb and its socket clamp, clean the fabric with a very lightly soakedmarseille soap and a very soft brush . Leave to dry, stain-free result guaranteed!

Your steel lampshades

A stainless steel lampshade needs to be pampered to keep its original shine. Several steps are recommended to get a like-new lampshade:

  1. Clean the lampshade with a cloth and soapy water, and dry it very quickly; to avoid streaks .

  2. Once the lampshade is dry, use a cloth soaked in table oil and fine wood or cigarette ashes (or flour to replace the ashes). And rub gently over the lampshade.

  3. Last step: polish the lampshade with a chamois leather if necessary, to give your light fixture a new shine.

Your glass and plastic lampshades

Glass or plastic shades are by far the easiest to maintain. Their surface does not allow dust to settle comfortably, and a little washing-up liquid and lukewarm water will be enough to restore their original shine. A glass cleaner and a cloth soaked in methylated spirits will get rid of any stains that have been there for a long time!But be careful not to use too much of it, as it may damage the colours of your lampshades.

If you have any doubts about how to clean your lampshade, don't hesitate to contact us!

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