How to choose your suspension?

Today, our hanging lamps are an integral part of our interior design. And yet, it is sometimes difficult to imagine the ideal size to adopt according to your room. What shape, what lighting, and above all what size of luminaire to choose to light your room? We advise you!

Choose the dimensions of the suspension according to the space in the room

The first step in choosing the size of your hanging lamp is to analyse the room in which it will be installed, in order to respect the proportions of the available space. It is best to avoid a large hanging lamp in a small room, or a small hanging lamp in a large space.

Calculation of the ideal diameter

To find the ideal diameter of your suspension, start by adding the width and length of your room. Multiply this number by 8 and you will find the approximate size of your luminaire. Note: This method does not work for rooms that are too long (hallway, entrance).

Example: For a room 4m long and 5m wide: 9x8 = 72 cm

For anti-calculation: Here are our tips by room size:

  • for a room up to 15m2, choose a luminaire with a diameter of 40 to 45 cm

  • for a room of 15 to 20m2, choose a pendant with a diameter of 45 to 50cm

  • For rooms larger than 20m2, we advise you to choose a pendant light with a diameter of 55, 60 or 65 cm.

Dimensions of a table top hanging

When the suspension is placed over a table, bar or worktop, the diameter of the luminaire should not exceed ¾ of the table width.

Example: If your table is 80cm wide, choose a pendant with a maximum diameter of 60cm.

For large, elongated tables, we advise you to multiply the number of suspensions to create a homogeneous light.

The height of the suspension

As a general rule, a hanging lamp should be placed at least 2.15 metres above the floor of your room, so as not to obstruct the passage of people.

If your hanging lamp is placed above a table, we advise you to place it between 80 and 120 cm above your furniture.

If your pendant is placed above a bedside table, we advise you to hang it at about 30 to 50 cm from the bedside table.

Take into account the lighting and the material

Thelast point not to be neglected: the lighting and the material to choose for your suspension depending on the room:

  • For a bedroom or a living room: prefer a suspension with a soft and subdued light, by opting for a warm bulb, or by installing a diffuser*.

For the material, no constraint: make your choice among fabrics, raffia, pvc etc. according to your taste and your decoration.

  • For a kitchen or dining room: opt for a targeted and strong light. Choose a metal, glass or pvc hanging lamp in the kitchen for easy cleaning. No constraints in the dining room: fabric, metal, pvc, everything is possible.

*What is a diffuser? A diffuser is a piece of fabric placed underneath the light bulb to provide less glare to the ceiling light. It is available as an option for the suspension lamps offered on our site.

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